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Introduction To the Topic

PUBG C1S4 conqueror will be very easy if you do it right with proper tips and with proper ways.

Before we kick in Let me tell you I did conqueror in Season 16. I got the conqueror title on ACE 12 stars and took me one month to reach the top 500.

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You might be thinking that is it that hard to reach the conqueror in the Asia server. No is the answer because I was not giving proper time to Push Rank. But I learned a lot during that phase and want to share what you should do and what you shouldn’t.

pubg c1s1 conqueror
PUBG conqueror rank push in c1s4

With the new 1.5.0 update, PUBG Mobile has changed its ranking system but to reach the conqueror you have to be in the top 500 hundred in your chosen server.

Not wasting your time anymore. I am suggesting you, read the whole article.

Tips to reach conqueror in C1S4

I will be sharing more tips and some tricks with you but you have to follow tricks in the right way. So let’s start with the tips

Best time to Start Rank Push

It is the most important factor to consider because it will decide that you are getting that Beautiful conqueror frame and title or not.

The best time to start your rank push is the very first day when the new season Comes. But if you are late you can still reach and Get the C1S4 Conqueror frame and title.

How Much Time you should play

Play as much as you can because the more you delay the more points you have to get. In my case, I have to achieve 5400 points (Ace 12 Star) because I was not playing that much. Get it in the first week of the new C1S4 Season.

Squad or Randoms

To reach conqueror you must have a good squad and synergy with the squad. Playing with randoms when you are in the top 10000 or in 1% you might face a big minus in the points.

Randoms won’t coordinate with you and most of the time they will turn off their mic. No communication with teammates in the conqueror lobby then you won’t be able to survive in the last zone.

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Playing Approach

Don’t play safe till you reached to diamond tier because if you play safe from the start your kd will be less than you can have. Play aggressive and get some kills because later on when you will be on Ace and above tier getting a single kill will be harder.

In my case, I played rush till crown tier and then I applied the passive approach till the end of my reaching conqueror journey. I ended up on Ace 12 Stars with kd of 3.42 which was pretty ok.

Landing Spot

Your landing spot will be very important because one single mistake and you will be getting straight away -50 points.

To get that 50 points you have to play for at least 2 hours plus the 2 hours you already played will be wasted also. In total, you wasted 4 hours and your points are still on the same place before a minus 50.

When you are in Top 10,000 you have to avoid minus at any cost.

Plane Path is Enemy

The plane path can be your biggest enemy. If you are landing near the plane path you are most likely to face some enemies in the early match which can result in a -50 so avoid as much as possible.

Best Landing Strategy for Rank Push

The best landing strategy is using your mind and game sense. Let me tell you how I land when my rank was Ace 2 stars.

Suppose this is your plane path

Erangle Map Plane Path
Erangle Map Plane Path

Erangle Map Plane Path

You can land on red spots and you are most likely to get Vehicle. Go to the cities which are far away and have less chances of enemies.

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In your case your plane path will be different so you have to use your mind to find a spot where you think enemies wont come for vehicle.

No mater what happen you have to avoid early fights and early engagement with the enemies if you want to push PUBG c1s4 conqueror.

Finding Vehicle

You have to be very careful while finding a vehicle because enemies are also pushing rank and want to go far from the plane path.

Don’t Land together on the same landing Spot. Use the Two Two strategy to find a vehicle so you always have the backup of your friend.

If You see an enemy landing on the same vehicle avoid it and go somewhere else to find a vehicle.

Killing Bots in the start

If you hear a bot fire near you and you are thinking to get a kill. Don’t take risks in the start because the gun sound of bot fire is also heard by enemies nearby.

If they come to kill you might be in danger and minus 50 on its way. So don’t take the risk of killing the bot and get the vehicle and reach your destination.

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Multiple Vehicle Strategy

When you have reached your destination area and you have looted enough.

It’s time to get into the safe zone. Find a separate vehicle for each player so that if you got spotted by enemies while entering the safe zone you are most likely to survive.

It’s hard to knock a single player from a moving vehicle and easy if the whole team is in the same vehicle.

More Vehicles can help you getting cover in the last open zones when there is no cover and enemies are everywhere.

Guns Combination

It’s always your choice but one AR and one DMR/Sniper will be best for playing in the conqueror lobby. I have given you the best guns combination in PUBG mobile so you can also check that.

Must-Have Utilities

Utilities are very important while pushing C1S4 Conqueror in PUBG Mobile. Don’t just load out your backpack with a lot of ammo.

Here is an estimate of how much utilities you must have

  • Bandages: 20+
  • Smokes: 8+
  • Health Kits: 3+
  • Grenades: 4+

These are must-have utilities that will definitely help in late zone fights.

Blue Zone Damage:

Don’t be afraid of the first 2 to 3 circles. Be in the blue zone and heal with bandages and boosters. Healing and blue zone damage also improve your points. Be in the blue zone for 3 circles so that enemies leftover are fewer.

Avoid Taking Center of the Zone

If you are in the center of the zone you might have to face multiple fights which you can not win all of them. Every team wants to take the center so you should avoid the center.

Play on the edges so that you have to take flight with the enemies ahead of you and your back is clear. Always watch your back again and again and make sure your backside is clear.

One single enemy from the back can wipe or damage your whole squad.

Quick Decision Making

You have to use your mind to make effective decisions because the C1S4 conqueror title is not easy to get.

If you think the safe zone is on the other side of the land and you have to cross the bridge then rotate early as possible. You have to make decisions regarding when to take fights and when to avoid them.

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Make an IGL (In-game leader) who will make decisions and the rest of the team will trust him and follow him. Make sure your IGL is the most experienced one between your squad.

Gun Power and Proper Calls

To win Fights your squad must have good gun power. All of your teammates should have the ability to take and win 1v4 fights.

Make a clear and proper call of each of your actions so that your team knows what you are doing. The same goes with the teammates they also should make proper calls. Remember

Without proper calls, your gun power is almost useless in the Conqueror lobby because all of your opponents know how to fire and kill.

Chicken Dinner is Must

Make sure to always go for the chicken dinner if you want to get a PUBG c1s4 conqueror. After ace, you won’t be able to get more placement points if you don’t win the game. Get kills in the end zones but make sure you play for the chicken, not for the kills.

You Panic You Die

Make sure not to panic in any kind of situation like if you have to take a 1v4 fight or a lot of enemies are left in the last zone. Don’t panic yourself and your team.

Good Gaming Device

When you are pushing conqueror you must have a good Mobile phone or device. In end zones when a lot of enemies are alive your low-end device will not perform good and you will face lag.

If you want to fix lag and get the maximum out of your gaming device click here.

Never give up

One thing you should take in mind is that you must have to face minus points no matter how good you play. If You get multiple minus ranking points then you should take a rest for a while and then start again. Make sure you don’t give up and come back stronger.

Learn From your mistakes and don’t repeat the same mistake later. That’s how you learn and become pro in PUBG Movile

Tricks that Works in C1S4 Conqueror Rank Push

Here are some tricks that might help you in achieving the conqueror frame faster.

Don’t Update Your game

If you don’t update the game and the new season arrives then you are most likely to be matched with low lobby and more bots. Most of the people who play good update the game and they will not be matched with you.

You can get more kills and easy chicken dinners which will boost your PUBG ranking faster. Make sure to be in the top 500 within the week and get your PUBG conqueror title because you have to update forcefully later on.

Create New ID on Other Device

If You have access to another device then make a new account on that and include it in your squad. This will affect your matchmaking and you will be getting a low lobby.

If you have a friend who is a beginner or noob then ask him to play with you this also results in matching with the low lobby.

Pro Friend Who Don’t have Rank

If you have a Pro friend who is not pushing rank to conqueror then he can help you a lot like,

He can help you in finding a vehicle while you land in a safe spot or you can be in the air while he finds a vehicle for you.

Ask him to lead the squad and scout the safe zone. You will get a risk-free safe zone area if he scouts right.

He will lead the fights because he doesn’t have rank while you can provide cover from the back.

Ending Thoughts on C1S4 Conqueror Rank Push

Getting conqueror Title and the frame is a dream of every PUBG player but if you are not eligible for it play rush and improve your game sense first. Don’t do anything stupid like hurting yourself if you are unable to reach the c1s4 conqueror. It’s just a game, play it like a game and be safe.

That’s it Guys hope you like my content and you will appreciate my efforts by Comments and sharing it on social media to help your friends and fam.

I will be Updating and keeps adding more content to this article so you can bookmark and save this article to check the updates later.

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